Live Sport at Campus

While there are loads of bars around town that show live sport, we’ve noticed that not many of them offer a live sport experience and to us half the fun of a match is the excitement and activities that surround it!

At Campus our team work hard to cater to our customer demands and provide the very best of live sport across our 13 HD screens, and if ever there’s a game that our customers want to watch but we haven’t scheduled to show we do our very best to accommodate it!

Alongside the showing of the games themselves we offer special food and drinks deals for our sports fans.

These include our regular deals during games:

A pint of Carling, cheese burger and chips for £6
A two pint stein of Fosters and a pizza for £6
A four pint pitcher of Carling and a bucket of wings or a combo bucket for £20

As well as limited deals during extra special games such as Scottish tennis & football.

During half time we provide entertainment with our various games machines, foosball, pool table, beer pong and of course there’s all the usual board games too.

Watching the game with your mates is great, but it can be frustrating having to stand at the bar which is why we provide the option to book our booths for free in advance – just give us a phone on 01224 587594 and we’ll even throw in some free nachos for your table. Don’t say we’re not good to you!

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